TLC Home

It has been a long, hard and rewarding journey to get the stable yard where it is today.

The journey has not been easy and as all journeys go, it has been a rollercoaster of good and bad.. happy and sad, but if it were not for this journey, I would not be where I am today and have the knowledge and wisdom that I do have today and that is what I am grateful for.

As in the horse industry, there is never a thing as enough knowledge or enough horses, and the “need” to help another horse loving person and another needy horse, has got me to where I am today.

I do not regret one single thing, be it good or bad, the good has made me smile and the bad has made me learn, as hard as it may be and as upsetting as losing a loved horse is.. it has made the little things seem more important.


Each & every horse at TLC Stables, I believe is loved and cared for and let to live in the most natural way possible